My certificates

Secondary medical education, Moscow, Russia

High school teacher

One of the best schools of Northern Thailand “Nerve Touch”, Chiang Mai (Basic, Advanced levels)

Thai Royal School at Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok (General Thai massage, Medical Thai massage and Acupressure, Thai oil massage, Infant and baby massage)

The school of Thai massage Shivagakomarpaj at The Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai (Thai Therapeutic massage)

Pai SPA & Massage training Academy (Thai Traditional massage)

Loi Kroh Tradition Thai School, Chiang Mai (Tok Sen Treatment, Northern style treatment by wooden hammers)

Institute of regenerative medicine, Moscow (Medical massage in pediatrics)

Elena Zemskova’s massage school, Moscow, Russia (Spanish haemolymphatic drain massage of face and body)

Master of Yuri Chikurov’s Somatic integration School (Aesthetic face and neck modeling, Soft manual techniques, Craniosacral therapy, Visceral osteopathy, Manual correction of central and autonomic nervous system, Cranio Mandibular therapy )

Reiki II step

I Dan Iaydzutsu Muso Dzikiden Eisin Ryu Seito Seigen Nippon Iay DzuDzutsu Renmei

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