Osteopathy technics for massage therapist and others. How to train sensibility. Basic course

This training is dedicated for those specialists who wants to discover the phenomenon of perception, learn to keep your feelability on stable and high level, understand his feeling, set the real reason of customer’s pain, learn the ways of self-protection from negative effects. The most important thing is that I will teach you how to sense… movement of tissue, tension of tissue, different type of tissue (skin, muscles, fascia, bone, blood vessels etc.), energy process and etc.

During my trainings I give a lot of attention to every student, we analyze all difficulties; do many training exercises. Practical part takes place in pairs; this is why every seminar gives intensive growth not only in the quality of your professionalism, but personal growth as well.

Teaching combines European and Asian approaches that help students to adopt the received knowledge faster and more effective.

This basic course will be useful for:

  • massage therapists who wants to extend their technique to the level working with human energy for more deep elaboration, to increase their sensitivity, to study osteopathic methods of practice, to detect the real reasons of customer’s pain and to eliminate it fast;
  • beauty therapists, who want to learn to feel strain of bone and fascia tissue, because it give the opportunity to treat the root of the aesthetics problem instead of masking mind and body disease;
  • psychologists, who want to get new skills of working with body and significantly increase the efficiency of their practice, because all mental blocks and even phobias are reflected in the human body;
  • people who want to start a new job. But you should study anatomy by yourself;
  • specialists who want to broaden their view on how the human and reality are built and want to change themselves.

The program

1st day

Preparation of specialist’s special state of mind:

  1. Special state of mind makes the specialist over sensitive and able to heal. How to reach this state? What it is?
  2. Safety of specialist. How not to take client’s problem on yourself? Western and Eastern methods.
  3. Working with mind, attention and energy in your body. Activation the over sensitivity skill.
  4. Special meditation, exercises.
  5. Qigong (Chinese method to work with energy in body) for activation energy in hands, calm down mind and stop obsessive thoughts.
  6. Exercises for centering. Homework.

2nd day

Principles of tissue motion.

Genesis of dysfunction:

  1. What is dysfunction?
  2. Motion of muscle and fascia. Causes of their tension. Dysfunction detection practices.
  3. The Method called “Movement Relief”, which the specialist to follow the tissue movement and at the same time eliminating the reason of tension.
  4. What tissue is more central: bone, organs, fascia, blood vessels, nerves, muscles
  5. What is common between osteopathy and tradition Asian medicine (Chinese, Thai, Yoga, Ayurveda, Shiatsu etc.)?
  6. The main reason of genesis of dysfunction is energy stuck.

3d day

Diagnostics, theory and practice:

  1. “Listening” the whole body: traction and impulse; “weighing” – 3 ways to diagnose 3 types of health problem.
  2. Craniosacral rhythm. Study of this phenomenon. Watching on different parts of body, organs. Detection dysfunction through this thing.

Ways to remove dysfunction:

  1. Facilitating movement of tissue or Where does the tissue want to move?
  2. Traction or perceptual pulling (very good for esthetic cases, body posture correction and for removal of “thoughts stuck in fibrous tissue”)
  3. Impulse pumping.
  4. Outflow stuck energy.
  5. Holding the volume of hard areas in the human body allows to relief those volumetric rigidity.
  6. Recoil.
  7. Watching (for nervous tissue or dysfunction in subtle body).
  8. How to use it in massage protocol? How to remove pain and taut muscle fast and effective?

4th day

  1. Bones. Anatomy. Features and role of intraosseus dysfunction.
  2. Ways to remove.
  3. Perception of different type of bones in the body, including sacrum, scull, spine bones, and arms and legs. Learn detail how to sense every bone. Especially it is useful for rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system, treatment of aged people, esthetic correction of the body.
  4. Study methods rehabilitation after trauma: immediately help with hands after injury and healing the old trauma.

5th day

  1. Connection between body, subtle body, energy and mind.
  2. How energy stasis in certain regions of body influence on psychological or mind condition? Or how to read thoughts from the body?
  3. How to calm down human fast end effective? How to make someone’s problem smaller, less significant? Definition of areas in the body with mental blocks. Basic way to adapt people for stress.