School of perceptual technologies

School of perceptual technologies, founded by Galina Seregina, Russia, offers training abroad in your country, if the group will be gathered.
The method «Perceptual technologies» is based on understanding of the triune of human body — mind — reality. All our thoughts appear because different kind of energy is passing through our bodies.

It makes our brain think. If you have high sensibility, you can easily find where any thought or emotion is located in the body.

Our thoughts create our life, reality that surrounds us. It happens what you think. Or which program you have in your subconscious.

So be sure You create all the

Galina Seregina

situations in your life even if other people make action. All pain in your body, all problems in your life, your success and failure reflects your thoughts and programs that you carry though all your life.

My method «The perceptual technologies» based on high over sensibility and can find where energy stuck — in body, etheric body, in other person — and normalize the circulation. Sometimes it needs just work with your body, sometimes pull out the program coming from your parents, family, past lives, sometimes regulate energy exchange between you and your partner.

The method is not a medical treatment. It is coming from nature, over sensibility, energy balance and liberation from negative information. Although it considers Anatomy and Physiology, different types of tissue, movement of different kind of tissue, work with bones, scull, fascia, nerves, and blood vessels.

This method is painless, you can continue to take your medicine if you want. It has no contraindications except of surgery cases and psychiatry.

My training consists of 5 main blocks, and several additional courses:

  1. Step 1. Osteopathy technics for masseurs and others. How to train sensibility. Working with different type of tissue.
  2. Step 2. I can feel — I want to be more effective. How to stop different kind of pain. Joints, back pains, legs and arms pain, hip joints, headaches. Rhinitis. Sore throat.
  3. Step 3. Internal organs and human thinking. Interaction.
  4. Step 4. Psychology through the body. Phobias and fears healing. Very fast and sure result.
  5. Step 5. Healing relationship between people (couple, family, children and parents, business, friends). Transformation of the life events into positive.
  6. Optional available:
    • healing Thai massage with elements of osteopathy;
    • chinese foot and hands reflexology;
    • osteopathy way to treat face: face youth and beauty without operation and injections.

Every step is completed block of knowledge and practice. You can use it immediately and make you job more interesting and effective.

Next step you need only if you want to know more.

The training invitation is for specialists whose profession is to help people:

  • massage therapist (your practice will be more effective, pain will gone faster, you can work with emotional problems also);
  • psychologist (will work faster, because can remind information not only from mind but from body as well);
  • naturopaths;
  • osteopaths;
  • craniosacral therapists;
  • specialists who just started but would like to develop over sensibility.

Every seminar lasts 5 days. The date will be announced after forming the group in you city.

All trainings should be attended one by one except step 2 and 3, they can be changed.
Trainings are taught in English. Practice takes place on a massage table.

Certificate is issued by the end of every step.

I am ready to visit any country for training in case of gathering the group.

Requests are welcome on email.



Skype gal4onokk11